Stacker, Self & Sidwyn Koh

Aug. '11 - June '12

Designed the icon & interface, along with the development of the initial concept, for the iPhone arcade game, Stacker.


Weathersnitch², Snitchware

Aug. - Sep. '11

Designed the icon for the popular iPhone weather application, Weathersnitch².


Definition, Sidwyn Koh

Feb. - Aug. '11

Designed the icon & UI assets for the iPhone & iPad dictionary application, Definition. Featured as a staff pick by Apple in August 2011.


SlipCover, Bohemian Coding

Jul. '10 - Aug. '11

Designed the icon (in collaboration with Matthew Rex), UI, and numerous "cases" for the Mac application, SlipCover (you can see the resulting "case files" on my 'About' page). Bohemian Coding is the creator of award winning apps such as FontCase, DrawIt, and the soon-to-be released vector drawing app, Sketch.


Flickpad, Shacked Software

Dec. '11 - Feb. '12

Designed the icon & various UI assets (e.g. the wooden background) for the popular iPad application, Flickpad.


Weathersnitch, Snitchware

Nov. '10 - Jan. '11

Designed the icon for the early free version of the popular iPhone weather application, Weathersnitch.

Classica 3

Classica 3, Self

May. '10 - Nov. '10

Created an iPhone icon replacement set, for both iPhone 4 and legacy resolutions. Classica 3 was one of the first iPhone themes created for the iPhone 4, and has since become one of the most popular and beloved. Available via Cydia, or downloadable via this link.